15 July 2015

My Teachers Pay Teachers Journey

I'm still having FOMO feelings at the fact I couldn't be in Vegas for the TPT Conference 2015, but I'm so glad that those who went decided to share their experience via Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope as it was happening.  I'm looking forward to reading your blog posts for more details and insights!

I decided to share my journey with TPT with you all and am curious to learn about your journey!

I started teaching in 2010 and I started off my year going through what my school provided.  I would tweak some things and add my own activities.  In 2012, I was always looking for more and more resources to add to the curriculum.  Thank you to Google search for finding an activity for me that sparked my interest when I saw "https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/....."  I know by that name that it was something interesting!  I soon created an account and started buying!  I loved how creative, easily available and AFFORDABLE it was!  My first purchase was "Introducing Multiplication - Early Multiplication Worksheets and Activities" by Classroom Chit Chat because I was new to 3rd grade and wanted more resources for multiplication!  I still use it! 

When I moved to Australia in June 2014 I found myself with some free time on my hands and anxious to get back in the classroom.  I went through a 6 month process to get the eligibility to begin teaching and started working as a relief teacher.  I wanted more and more products to gather for my upcoming class, but I was short on money.  So I started making products *I* wanted, soon I had a passion for creating products.  I'm notorious for changing blog layouts constantly because I get the bug to create.  (Now I put that passion into creating classroom products!)  Now I use 100% of my earnings to purchase on TPT for clipart & classroom products.  I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it to create, utilise my passion in design and sharing with others! (One of my first products.)

Over the months I learned to use Powerpoint for PDFs and packets, and I learned the tricks of the trade within the POWER of Powerpoint!  I was exposed to different fonts, clipart, backgrounds, frames and more!  I found myself purchasing more of these products via TPT!   After about 3-4 months of creating I found *my own niche* in style, and it was received well!  My anchor charts, especially my Reading Anchor Charts packet, are my best selling product.  Learn from others, but stay true to yourself and your niche.  It's true!

I haven't been doing it for that long, but it's still a growing passion in me!  The sparks within the teaching community online really inspires me as a TPT seller, TPT buyer, but mainly as a TEACHER!  I love learning more and learning from others is my favourite way to be exposed to something new! I'm amazed at all the activity online via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and now Periscope!  I love that we love sharing so much and learning from while supporting each other! Let's keep this amazing online #TeacherTribe going!

What's your TPT journey?  Share it with me!  

I would love to hear more about it!


  1. Your blog is ADORABLE! I found it through #littlefishteacherblogger and am SO glad I did! What a cool experience this whole TpT Journey is. I may do a TpT Journey blog post myself soon. Was this a link-up or just something you created? Thank you for sharing your journey with us!
    Daisy Designs

    1. Definitely share your story on your blog! You can use the cover images as well, if you'd like! :) Make sure to let me know when you post so I can read it in detail! :)

  2. Hi Stephanie! I became a teacher in 2009 and it took me 6 long years to find a permanent position (not many teaching jobs in Ontario!) I became very discouraged and was looking for something that would keep me in the teaching frame of mind. I'm also very artsy crafty and have a background in graphic design. TPT was the next logical step! I uploaded my first product in 2012 and the rest is history! TPT is a huge part of my life right now and I wouldn't change a thing. I landed a permanent job in 2013. I teach grades 4 and 5 in a French school. :)

    Mrs. Mathis' Homeroom

    1. It can be a bit discouraging when it takes so long to get a job, took me 2-3 years before landing my first job, and a year to get back into a full-time classroom here in Australia! I wish I had more of a graphic design background! :)

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    We found your blog through the #littlefishteacherblogger group and we follow you on instagram as well. You blog is so cute and we really enjoyed hearing about your TpT journey. We have a similar post in draft mode, but you've inspired us to make it even better. Come by and visit us too. :)
    ~A from Brain Ninjas
    Brain Ninja Notes

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks so much for sharing your story. Since joining TPT I have been on a journey that I never thought possible and it keeps you in the teaching loop while waiting for a job to materialise!

  5. Great post Stef! It's nice to get to know you more through your stories. I'll have to share my TpT journey as well, I really like the idea of reflecting - sometimes helps with moving forward :-)