11 February 2015

Off on a Holiday to Japan!

Attention Readers: I'm taking a 3-week blog break!

It's looking like that the blog is going to go on a 3 week hiatus due to several factors.  The first being that this week I'm off to a holiday in Japan!  We'll be spending about 3 weeks in Tokyo and Sapporo!  I'm hoping to walk around and see all that I can see in Tokyo and we're off (mainly) to go snowboarding in Sapporo!  (We went to New Zealand for snowboarding about 6 months ago, so let's hope I can get back up on that board and improve my skills.)

Another reason why I need to take a blogging break is that my MacBook Air (2013 model) shut down randomly and won't turn back on!  I've called Apple and tried to get a new charger to see if it would come back to life, but it's looking like the only solution is to go to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store.  Downside: I live 6 hours away from the closest Apple Store and I have limited time to try and get it looked at before we leave for Japan.  *FINGERS CROSSED* it's a quick fix that will take less than an hour altogether!  If not, cross those fingers again and hope they can hold onto my MacBook until I get back like 2 weeks later.  (Has anyone else had this problem with their 2013 MacBook Air?  I've heard logic boards needing to be replaced for a lot of these.)  Thank goodness I extended my Apple Care plan and I'm covered for the next 2 years!

I'm hoping to update once a week with pictures from Japan, so stay tuned for that!

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