24 March 2015

Scientific Method Packet

I've been really enjoying making various anchor charts to help display as a reference in the classroom.  (And seems those on TPT have enjoyed them as well!)

Whenever I would do any lab in the classroom, whether it be one I made/found or from our science workbook, I always used a lab sheet to fill in each step of the Scientific Method.  This way the students could become more familiar with each step and be able to apply these steps in their own experiments.

We would fill in a quick worksheet with quick notes and glue them into our Science Journals with a summary and image.  Our school used those Science Journals (or Interactive Notebooks) throughout the K-5 years.  It was helpful for students in 5th grade when Science became a big part of testing.


  • Scientific Method full page posters
  • Game played 2 ways (Matching Cards or SCOOT)
  • 28 related vocabulary cards (great for Word Wall)
  • 2 types of Lab Sheets - lower & upper levels
  • Student reference sheet
  • Science Safety full page posters
Like all my other anchor charts, I've made two versions.  Bright Colors/General Theme (picture at the top) & Ocean Waves Theme (below).

Please make sure to check my TPT store for more anchor charts!

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  1. Hi Stephanie, This looks like an amazing science resource! I'm currently hosting a giveaway and was hoping you would be so kind to donate a product. It's a fundraiser for Autism that will take place from April 1 -30. Please hop on over to my blog for more info.
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