07 October 2015

Sorry I've been away, but I'm back!

First and foremost, I have to apologise for being away for so long.  As some of you may or may not know, I had just started back teaching full time and made the transition from US curriculum to Australian curriculum.  I'm at a new school and learning something new everyday.  Sure took a lot of time and energy from me and I vowed to make sure my focus was on my classroom/students.

A Sneak Peek

We've had nearly every single special event in term 3, so I was busy busy busy.  One of my favourite events was during our Book Week celebration!  We had a parade of all the costumes with prizes and dancing, and a full day of activity rotations! I dressed up as Max, King of the Wild Things, and did an activity with the book.  We also had our School Athletics Carnival, that took all energy of me and left like a zombie the next day.  We had Jump Rope for Heart, Inter-School Carnival and so much more.

What's Coming Up Next on the Blog

I've got some new TPT products to showcase, share my experience teaching overseas and more!  I hope to have a giveaway on the blog soon as work on building more with this blog!

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