About the Blog & Teacher

I've been a primary school teacher since January 2010 with experience in grades K-6. I am passionate about teaching and aiding in the education of young students. I believe that innovative and interactive lessons will help engage student participation and provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students.

As of the end of the September 2013-June 2014 (U.S.) school year, I decided to take an adventure and move my life to Australia. I was able to become registered with the Teacher Registration Board here in my state and look forward to do some relief teaching as I get used to the education system and curriculum here.  I hope to eventually become a permanent classroom teacher here in the future!

I enjoy creating products that I can utilize in the classroom to enhance student learning and engagement!

The teachers on my team would love it when I shared my creations with them.  This encouraged me to make more and more.  I've gotten a few comments on my creations from other teachers, so I've decided to create this blog to showcase my products.  I'll be posting freebies, my products for sale, how products helped in my classroom experience, brainstorming ideas, and more!

I love the teaching community online with sharing and expanding ideas.  I honestly feel that every person is constantly growing and learning new things daily, and we learn the best when we bounce ideas off each other.  Please feel free to share your ideas & suggestions on this blog!

 Please make sure you check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store for all my products!

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become a teacher and how I found my calling!

Happy Teaching & Learning!