26 January 2015

Place Valut SCOOT! (Product Review)

Place Value SCOOT! by live.love.teach.

The past few years in 3rd grade we would always start with place value.  Seems like a simple skill but the majority of students struggle with it initially.  They understand place value and estimating up to 3 place values, but go any further than that they often found it confusing.

I reassured the students that this is normal and it will get easier wit regular practice.  We spend a chapter introducing new skills and reviewing previously taught skills in this unit.  I also make sure to do a daily number activity where we dissect a 6-digit number.  Plus, we utilized this TPT product by live.love.teach.

What is SCOOT?

This was my first SCOOT game and took me a trial run to implement this into our class.  The students get an answer recording sheet and are presented with their first card.  The students are to answer the question using the number on the card and the numbered box on their recording sheet. After the allowed time you give the students a command (SCOOT!) to pass the card to the next person and answer their new card.  You continue this until all cards are answered.

How I Used Scoot:

I play this exact game about 2-3 times with the class with several days in between each day.  The first run of the game I gave 2-3 minutes for each card.  I had just under 20 students, but it took about 45 minutes to play the round.  I only used as many cards as students that were present that day.

It did take a bit of time, but I had students panicking with the limited time.  I would continue our lessons and several days later I would play the game again, but this time only allowing 1-2 minutes.  If I had time to play a third round I gave either 30 seconds to 1 minute.  A bit more challenge with less time to answer each time.  (We make sure to understand it's okay to skip and move on if time is up.)

How it worked for my class:

Although a bit frustrating at first, once the students understood the goal of the game they really enjoyed playing it!  We ended up playing SCOOT! with other skills throughout the year and the students were really excited to play!

I rate this product 4 out of 4 starfish!
Mainly because the students could improve their skills in a way they enjoyed!

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  1. My students love Scoot (and so do I!)

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