18 January 2015

Superheroes Can Multiply (Product Review)

One of the biggest skills we introduce and focus on in 3rd grade was Multiplication Skills.  This is essential to practice and master these skills, especially from 0-10 facts, to utilize for expanded multiplication & division.  I used the curriculum to introduce and model skills, but I know every day practice is the best way to build skills.

I had used Multiplication Top It, Flashcards, rolling dice, Beat the Calculator, white board practice,and other games that students came up with.  One I put together that the students LOVE was this product from Kathy Law called "Superheroes Can Multiply!"

I printed them out, glued to construction paper (front & back), bound it into a book, and placed it in a large Ziploc bag with a 10-sided dice and counters.

How I Used it in Class

I introduced this product to the students and demonstrated how you played with 1-3 players, rolling the dice to multiply each fact, and placing a counter on top of each correct answer.  Once this was introduced, the students were allowed to play once they finish their math work or during math centers.  The students were able to play this game on their own without needing me for anything, and easily monitored themselves.

Students Loved It!

The students are instantly intrigued with the superhero theme, even the girls!  They enjoyed the challenge that is able to be achieved with the right amount of challenges.  My struggling learners loved being able to complete the tasks on each page and gained confidence in front of their peers.

I give this a 4 out of 4 starfish!
Especially for the student guided success.

You can check out First Grade a la Carte Blog for more information on this product!  You can download the product at Kathy Law's TPT Store.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this resource. We have been trying to memorize our facts and any new ways to do this are helpful.