02 April 2015

Currently in April

Hello April!  If you're an Aussie teacher, Happy Break time! I've got the next two weeks off and I'll be working on finalizing my visa application, blog posts, and making TPT products!  Check out this "Currently" from Oh Boy 4th Grade!


This girl just loves her girl movies playing in all day while I work on the computer.  Mainly because my boy works during the day and I don't have to make him sit through it.  Plus, it's, like, totally quotable!


Well.. despite the fact I added "in" when I didn't need it, my work has me all over the place being part time/casual teacher.  It's definitely very helpful to have everything organized for me.  Plus, I've got tons of paperwork that's luckily quite organized and easy to get to.


I'm on break and I'm happy to start working on & completing some TPT products for my store.  This has been the best way for me to use my creative juices.


Since starting to create my TPT products, I've been watching to incorporate my own artwork more and more.  I wish I had a tablet to convert my sketches and doodles into digital art.  


My 2 week break from school allows me to finish and submit my visa application!  Apparently it'll take months and months to get finalized.  Oyyy... that waiting game.

EGGs-plain your name

Fishing for Education!  My classroom theme is always and underwater theme where we have the phrase "Fishing for Knowledge!"  We always worked on learning and experiencing more and more.  Well, I love it so much I've incorporated it into my blog, but to Education!  I'm always looks for new tips, tricks, and ideas and love sharing what I have to offer!

Also, if you're an Australian Teacher, please leave a comment or email me!  

I'd like to get in touch and see if anyone is interested in a collaborative blog to help connect all Aussie Teachers!


  1. Ugh, so much for being organized.... "being IN organized" Where is my mind?

  2. In Canada, we don't have a two-week break but we do get a four-day weekend. That is awesome! I hope you get everything done on your break. Enjoy!
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. There is a 2 week break after every term/semester and only 1 month off for summer. I like my breaks scattered this way, allows me to travel more throughout the year. :)