03 April 2015

Five for Friday

Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party where you post five random things from today or this past week and on your blog. Check out the linky party at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Editing Japan Images

I've been editing pictures from my recent trip to Japan to share on my personal blog.  There's just way too much to choose from, so I'm trying to pick the best shots and share them on my personal blog.


I've never been really happy with my personal blog "branding," if you call it that.  I don't really have money to get someone professional to do it and I enjoy learning new tricks and finding resources online.  (All credited.)  I think I'm happy with a theme branding I came up with with.  Let's hope I don't change it up anymore.  Check out my personal blog: StephanieLists.com!

TPT Product: Understanding Materials

I just finished up my unit of "What's it Made of?" with my pre-primary students here in Australia.  I made some supplemental materials to assist with learning.  I know what works and what doesn't now!  So I'm working on completing and changing what I've created.  Hopefully it'll be done this weekend!

Autism Awareness

In case you missed it, I donated my Scientific Method Packet to help raise Autism Awareness!  Teacher's Lounge did a great job with created bundles of donated materials.  Make sure to check it out!

A Beautiful Mess

I've been such a fan of A Beautiful Mess and admire the company Elsie & Emma created.  I've been checking out their shop a lot recently and am really enjoying their "Messy Book."  I'm hoping to create a scrapbook of my experiences that I share on my personal blog, and it looks like I'll be leaning towards their book!


  1. I love A Beautiful Mess! I'll have to check it out. I'll have to check out your blog post on your trip to Japan. I've never been but my family hosted a student from Japan for a year. She's like a sister to me. Happy Friday!
    Joya :)

    1. Oh, then you'll definitely have to visit Japan sometime! Especially since you have someone who can give you some real insight close to you! :)

  2. Wow! A trip to Japan - what an amazing experience!

  3. I can't imagine what it was like to go to Japan! That's incredible!
    I contributed to the Autism Awareness Fundraiser as well! I teach 2nd grade.
    Also, you might want to check out Designs by Tenille. She did my blog and I got lots of stuff for about $150. My TPT store has already paid that amount back. Just a suggestion. :)
    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments Blog

    1. I hope the fundraiser makes a good difference for everyone!

      I admire those doing designs for others, but I love that I can do it on my own. From HTML, CSS, to Photoshop and more. I really enjoy spending time doing it myself. :)

  4. Hi Stephanie:
    hahahaha! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) I loved your Law and Order comments! I think I have my television permanently tuned to that show. And I agree: If I hadn't seen Olivia the other day, I too would have questioned what I was watching!
    Your blog design is SOOOO cute! So cheerful and fun.
    Glad to find a new friend in BlogLand who appreciates pretty colors--and Law and Order!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade