01 July 2015

Currently: July 2015

Linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!


I've got a 40 minute commute to work and I'm constantly TRYING to change up my music from Taylor Swift.  This week I've been listening to my College Music Throwback playlist which consists of music from 2002-2010ish.  Think: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, The Good Life/Cursive, and so much more. 


My NEW Erin Condren planner packet!  It was just under $10 for shipping to Australia, so PLUS PLUS PLUS! It is SO amazing and I can't wait to really get into using it regularly.  I had been using my Google calendar for months, then POOF it all randomly deleted.  Not to mention individual appointments deleting here and there.  Sometimes it is just best to stick to a hard copy. 


I start my full time position after the school holidays and I'm thinking about all the things I want to prepare and organize in my classroom.  


SCHOOL HOLIDAYS is nearly here!  I'm ready for this 2 week break!  I'm looking forward to some down time for me, myself and I!


Got to gather materials for the new class.  I'm off in a semi-regional area and I'm off to the city for the first part of the break.  I will definitely be picking up some materials for the classroom.  I'm thinking this girl will need to buy her own personal laminator.  Aussie teachers, got any recommendations?

All Star

One thing that REALLY worked well and stuck with me in my previous 6 years in the classroom is staying organized!  I make sure the students AND MYSELF put things (and papers) away in their designated area!  Once I kept doing this and putting things away everyday I realized how much of a difference it made in my day.  I never felt scrambled and knew where everything was when someone would pop in and ask for some paperwork.


  1. Your blog is ADORABLE - I'm so glad I found it through the Currently Linky! My commute is much better now, but I swear by podcasts! Actually, I listen to music on the way to school (less traffic, less time) and podcasts on the way home (literally sitting in traffic). Good luck with the full-time :) Jen

  2. I love listening to throwback playlists! It triggers so many memories from when those songs were actually on the radio. Good luck with the full-time job!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  3. Papers can be my downfall too. I got a little better with organization last year, but I'm hoping to be even better this year!

    Mrs O Knows

  4. I'm glad the shipping to Aust. wasn't too bad. I've heard it can get pricey internationally shipping them. Did you pick the horizontal or regular layout? I am trying to wait and see her new teacher planners but I am getting impatient!

  5. Stephanie your blog is so fun! I love everything about it!! I am so glad to have found it through this Currently link up! I like to stay organized in the classroom as well. It keeps me from going crazy ha! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Stephanie! I have an EC clipboard that I WON last summer, and I love it! It makes work more fun somehow! I'm just starting my summer break today. I've been busy with conferences and presentations and I even went to one training myself. Hope you have a relaxing break!