Fishing for More Teacher & Education Blogs

Here are a list of some great quality teacher & education blogs I've enjoyed!  My goal with this page is to create a reference page to some of the best and up-to-date blogs that are helpful to all teachers.  If you'd like for me to add your button, please comment below!

Lower Primary/Elementary - Grades K-2

Kindergarten Smiles Classroom Chit Chat PhotobucketSailing Into SecondA Burst of First Down Under TeacherPhotobucketPhotobucket

Upper Primary/Elementary - Grades 3-6

Fun in Room 4B and BeyondFifth in the MiddlePaulas Place

All Grades, Plus More!

PhotobucketPrimary PowersOwl-Ways Be InspiredThe Routty Math TeacherI Teach. What's Your Super Power?Fun in Room 4B and Beyond 

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  1. Hi Stephanie, I'd love to be included. I am an Aussie in WA, Paula Shaw told me about you! Here's the link to my Blog