08 May 2015

Five for Friday

Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party where you post five random things from today or this past week and on your blog. Check out the linky party at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Free Blog Design Giveaway

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week I'm hosting a little giveaway, a free blog design from top to bottom!  If you're looking to spice up your blog, then click the image to enter the giveaway!  Spread the word and share with a friend who might want to enter too!  I love creating blog designs and would often change my designs, but I'd rather put that energy to someone else! :)

My Aussie Mum Book

I was in PrePrimary classes throughout the week and got to read some great Mother's Day books.  I came across this book and thought it was so fun!  Love the fun story and the kids were entertained with funnies.  The illustrations are amazing!  Great read at any time!

My Science Journal (Freebie)

I focus on working with Science with the PreP kiddos on Fridays.  We just finished up understanding materials, what things are made of, how you would describe them, & how certain materials are used for certain things.  I have to do reports on them and sharing our drawings and findings in a Science Journal is very helpful at this age.  Click the image to download my FREE Science Journal cover! (Clipart by EduClips)

Eleanor & Park (Book)

Finished my last book and my friend was happy enough to share a book she just finished that was on my "To Read" list on my GoodReads account.  Looks like a feel-good story of young love.
Read more at GoodReads.com

TPT Sales: Teacher Appreciation

Love how TPT celebrates teachers during this time & allow sellers to participate in their sale!  
I hope you all got a chance to take advantage of this like me! (Clipart by Krista Wallden)


  1. I need a copy of that Aussie Mum Book - will have to look for it!
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  2. LOVE your blog design! I'm entering this contest, I know nothing nothing nothing about how it works, I barely know how to use the templates that google generously offers. thank you for sharing, Paula at Educating Children with Disabilities.