10 May 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week

As the week ends I realize how much I miss Teacher Appreciation Week while I do temporary/relief work here in Australia.  Not for the goodies, but for the love from all my current & former kiddos.  My old school used to do it just right and our PTA was amazing with all that they do.  They would definitely go all out!

This poster was the coolest and I kept it up in our classroom until it started to fall apart.  My Room Mom took pictures of the kiddos and made them into penguins because all my students know I love penguins! Some of these faces were priceless!

Cute little gifts can always bring a smile on a teacher's face. Plus, chocolate never hurts!

My favorite will ALWAYS be handmade gifts from the kiddos themselves.  This creative genius made me a scroll of appreciation letters with a star poking out because our classroom theme was "Reach for the Stars!"

How was your Teacher Appreciation Week?

** Smiley Face Clipart by Krista Wallden

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