27 May 2015

Tech Tip: Showbie App

Showbie App

I was in as a Relief Teacher for a Year 6 class today and I came across a new app that I found quite beneficial! It's called Showbie, and you could easily scan a page, upload it to your classroom, and give the code to students and they would complete the "worksheet" on their iPad and instantly turn it in.

The Benefits

1.) It's FREE! Yay!
2.) Less paper copies needed! (Great for those you only get a certain amount.)
3.) Less chance for students to lose papers.
4.) Easy grading/documentation for anything (data meetings, student portfolio, etc.)
5.) Students can easily write and erase without extra materials.

This is such a great tool, especially if you have a device set for your classroom.  I'm seeing more and more schools using iPads/devices in the classroom.  This is such a great eco-friendly substitute to all those papers!  Watch the quick informational video:

My Review

After seeing this in action, I'm definitely saving this as something to add to my classroom! Helpful for both the teacher and students.

Have you used this or something similar in your class?

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