11 June 2015

Currently in June

Listening ... The Hills

Been in bed for a few days, and I've just been re-watching The Hills and reliving all the drama!

Loving ... My Class Website Updates

Fixed up my "class website" even though I don't have a class at the moment.  Just did some fine tweaking so that it can be ready to go for when I do get a class! (http://StephanieBillings.blogspot.com.au)

Thinking ... Job Offers

Seems like things are finally picking up for me and teaching in Australia.  I got an interview lined up, then a job offer, and another one once a school found out I got offered a job.  I hope I picked the right one for me. 

Wanting ... School Holiday to Start

Although I've only been doing relief work, I've been working every school day for the past month and a half.  I'm like the kiddos, I'm ready for school holidays so I can organize some things.

Needing ... Sickness to be Dunzo

I've been sick for nearly 2 weeks and I thought I was getting better, but I ran out of meds yesterday and I wasn't feeling well this morning.  I hate that even though I don't really get sick often (1-2 a year), but when I do I seem to truly crash.

Summer Lovin ... It's Winter?!

Well, no summer here in Australia, it's just the start of WINTER! I'm in desperate need of some pants to add to m collection of clothes. 


  1. Good luck with your position! And I hope you feel better quickly=)

  2. Congrats on a new position! I am starting a new job this fall here in Texas and I am exciting and a little nervous! Your blog just pop with color and cuteness! What grade will you be teaching?