16 June 2015

Technology Tips: Flubaroo & Google Forms

I love spending some downtime on Pinterest, you often find some amazing ideas.  I recently came across using Google Forms  & the add on "Flubaroo" to grade work.  

Now I don't often give worksheets/quizzes to give to students, but I will give one every once in a while to assess and/or document progress.  (Unfortunately, our system focuses a lot on data.)

Why waste time on grading multiple choice work when you can a script to do that for you?  

I came across this idea through this Tech with Jen post & she has a great tutorial for how to set up Flubaroo!  Check out her post and video, I found it very helpful.

Here's a video featured on their website:

Add your technology tip!


  1. Off to have a look now. Looks like a big time saver especially for those NAPLAN practices we do in Year 3.
    Sheri :)

    1. That's what I was thinking as well! I don't do many tests, but if I have to I'm so using this somehow! Such a time saver!