17 December 2014

Fishing for More TPT - Christmas/Holidays

Fishing for More TPT Products! is a series on this blog to showcase some inspiring Teachers Pay Teachers products.  I will talk about some items that have caught my attention.  If you'd like for me to feature your product, please comment below or contact me with the links and a preview! 

This week is all about Christmas & the Holiday Season!  I've found some great packets to utilize this time of year.

By: Hilary Lewis

Subjects:  English Language Arts, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing
Grade Levels: 2nd, 3rd, Homeschool
Resource Types: Worksheets, Printables, Literacy Center Ideas
Cost: FREE

Help your students practice synonyms with this word sorting/matching pack.

By: Kiki's Classroom

Subjects: Math, Numbers, Place Value 
Grade Levels: 2nd, 3rd, 4th 
Resource Types: Worksheets, Printables, Math Centers 
Common Core Standards: 3.NBT.A.1
Cost: FREE

This Christmas Roundup Freebie provides fun, seasonal practice in rounding whole numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 and using pronouns. Answer keys are included.

By: A Special Kind of Class

Subjects: Math, Basic Operations, Graphing, Holidays/Seasonal, Christmas/ Chanukah/ Kwanzaa 
Grade Levels: PreK, Kindergarten 
Resource Types: Worksheets, Minilessons, Printables
Cost: $2.50 Forty four simple no prep math worksheets for Christmas using numbers 1 to 10. 

Includes counting, find the missing numbers, putting numbers in order, graphing, patterning and matching.

By: Create-Abilities

Subjects: Basic Operations, Fractions, Measurement
Grade Levels:  3rd, 4th, 5th, Homeschool
Resource Types: Fun Stuff, Printables, Math Centers
Common Core Standards: 3.NF.A.1, 3.NF.A.2, 3.NF.A.3, 3.MD.A.1, 3.MD.C.5, 3.MD.C.6, 3.MD.C.7, 4.MD.A.1, 3.NBT.A.2, 4.NBT.B.4
Cost: $4.50

Fun, holiday-inspired math centers perfect for the Christmas season!

By: Common Core Galore and More

Subjects: Math, Winter, Tools for Common Core
Grade Levels:  3rd, 4th, 5th
Resource Types: Worksheets, Printables, Math Centers
Common Core Standards: 4.OA.A.1, 4.OA.A.2, 4.OA.A.3, 4.OA.B.4, 4.OA.C.5
Cost: $6.95

Put down your scissors and forget the laminator! This 55 page Winter Math Pack requires NO PREP. All you need to do with this pack is hit print and go!

By: BowserBikeJustDance

Just a fun and festive video for the kids to dance to!  I love using Just Dance videos on YouTube for some great Brain Breaks in the class. Enjoy!

What have you been enjoying in your class this Holiday Season?

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