22 December 2014

Sequencing Task Cards

Here are two similar products that I've used in the past.  I was looking for some centers while introducing and working on the Sequencing/Chronological Order Reading Skill.  I came across these on TPT.  The first one is from Teaching with a Mountain View, and I liked this one because it provided different ways to practice sequencing.  It had stories, listing events, creating student's work, and more.  The second is from Rachel Lynette, and she has some great task cards for nearly every skills.  (I've gotten a few from her.)  I like how she uses signal words to help students with this skill.

How I Used these Task Cards in my Class:

I initially started using them in a center during my reading groups during the time we're practicing this skill.   It was great because you only need one set and don't need to make/waste copies.  They also provided an answer sheet and the students could check their buddy's work, or there own.  The students were able to work with these cards without any teacher help, and this was helpful since I was in Reading Groups.

Making & Printing these Cards:

I made sure I printed these on cardstock paper so it would be more durable. I had printed one set on white cardstock at home with my color printer and another set on colored cardstock with our school grayscale classroom printer.  Both were great because they were bright and colorful.  Then I made sure to laminate them so that they would last for years.

Rating & Download:

Click above to purchase and download these wonderful task cards!

I give both of these products 4 out 4 starfish! 

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