24 December 2014

Fourteen in '14 Linky Party

1. My Class 

I can't forget my last class I had in Florida!  What an exciting bunch they were!  They were always super eager to learn more and quite inquisitive.  

2. 3rd Grade Fall Festival

Each year we put on our own grade level Fall Festival!  We usually do a lot of work in 3rd grade, so we like to take a break from all the paperwork and play some fun games and get crafty.  It's a great way to have parents volunteer and spend some time with their child.  

3. Dr. Seuss Day

I love Dr. Seuss Day/Read Across America!  I've found that no matter what age, students love Dr. Seuss stories!  I'm glad they did a full length movie for Horton Hears a Who and The Lorax.  It's a great end of the day activity after all the fun & reading they did earlier that day.

4. Field Day

Oh, don't you just LOVE Field Day!  I honestly love to run around with the kids and goof off.  We were quite competitive this year, and I loved the intensity!  Great way to teach teamwork skills.  

5. Pie in the Face Contest

This was the 3rd year I participated in the Pie in the Face contest.  I was one of the top winners the first year, but got lucky last year as they only picked the top 2 teachers.  However, since the students knew this was my last year at the school, seems they all went digging for coins to donate.  I found out that 3 of my students donated $20+ each, one even using coins he'd collected over the years!  I had to allow those big spenders to do the honors!

6. End of the School Year

At the end of a school year I can get emotional, but I am usually okay since I'll see them again the following year.  But as we said goodbye for our 5th grades during the parade, I found my first class of students leaving and crying and then the water works hit me hard.  It finally hit that (with me moving to another country) I would hardly see them again!  Then my class started crying with me and wouldn't let me go at the end of the year.

7. Send off

Had a few parties and get togethers before leaving the country.  Talk about some feasts!  It's fun to get a chance to get us all together again!  (Not fun leaving though.)

8. Move to Australia

The big journey to move to Australia was soon after my summer break started!  I was too anxious, as this was like 2-3 years in the making, to wait any longer.  

9. Perth

I moved to Perth, WA and it was instant winter.  Luckily, it's not entirely the coldest there in the winter, much like Florida.  However, I was aching for my summer back!  Perth was nice because I got the city life while living so close to the beach! (5 minute walk)

10. Melbourne/Visit with Friends

I got to spend a few weeks in Melbourne, VIC (Australia) before I settled into Perth.  My dearest friend (Chloe) of years since working at summer camp together knew just how we enjoy my visits there! (This would be my third trip visiting her, friends, and her family!)

11. New Zealand Trip

We got a chance to spend a few weeks in New Zealand as someone is obsessed with snowboarding.  I luckily got the guts to try some snowboarding and actually went up on a chair lift and down the "mountain."  

12. Kalgoorlie/Kambalda Move

After getting used to Perth, we found out we would need to move to Kalgoorlie for a job opportunity.  It's a small town, more inland and far from the beach.  (Think basically the Outback, at least in my opinion.)  We decided to settle in Kambalda, which is even smaller and even more in the outback.  

13. Relief Teaching in Oz

However, I was fortunate enough to get a response from the schools in this small area and have them provide some work for me!  Definitely smaller schools, since it's pretty much in the country, but a great way for me to get teaching work and understand how Australian schools work.

14. Esperance Beach

On one of the off weeks, we decided to drive down to the nearest beaches in Esperance.  (It's like a 4 hour drive south.)  Sure do miss the beach!  And these beaches are absolutely GORGEOUS!

What is your Fourteen in '14?

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