30 December 2014

One Word Resolution: Create!

Got this from Primary Powers and I think it's a great way for narrow down your goals for 2015!  

My One Word Resolution is CREATE!

I like to focus more on creating this for my class, my career, and this site.  I'm currently waiting on visa paperwork to begin full-time teaching, so I've got time to create more!  

I've got some personal goals:
  1. Become closer to an Australian citizen. 
  2. Read & study up on primary education.  
  3. Continue becoming more creative. 
  4. Don't let fear hold me back from new things.  
  5. Eat healthier options. 
You can read about these goals more in depth on my personal lifestyle blog on 1st January 2015!

What are your goals for 2015?


  1. What a fun word! Creating is obviously your thing. I really enjoyed taking a peek at both of your blogs. We should connect about the AU thing (it's a long story). Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks! Email about the "AU thing," I'm curious. :) (FishingForEducation@gmail.com)

  2. I just love creative goals because it just feeds the soul.. you know? lots of luck and you can do it.

    1. I love all the possibilities with creating! :) Thanks!