19 December 2014

Five for Friday

Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party where you post five random things from today or this past week and on your blog. Then, you come back and link your blog post to Doodle Bugs Teaching linky tool.


I had strayed away from coffee since moving to Australia.  Don't ask me why, I just did.  (Maybe because I drank a little bit more tea than usual.)  But since I've started relief teaching (substitute teaching) here I've been feeling the need for coffee.  Now I seem to enjoy them more on my days off!  Just, so YUM!  I found a Butterbeer Latte recipe on Pinterest and I want to try it soon!  (Oddly, it's summer here in Australia but I still love it hot!)  And I just love this mug from Ban.do!

Following Teacher Blogs on Bloglovin'

Well, I've been eyeing some of my favorite teacher blogs out there and kept forgetting their names and URLs.  I've had Bloglovin' for quite sometime, but I can't believe I never thought to follow teacher/education blogs on it!  (DUH!)  I especially like how you can put blogs into groups!  I'm following tons, but now it's all organize.  **Don't forget to follow Fishing for Education on Bloglovin'! Click below.

Taylor Swift Playlist for Our Road Trip

We're getting ready for our 6+ hour drive to Perth (Australia) and I'm setting up my playlist.  My rule is if I'm driving, I get to pick my tunes!  And you know it is #TSWIFT all the way!  (Well, mostly.)  I've also thrown in some good old #RED in there too!

Elf - The Movie

'Tis the Christmas season and it's time to break out the Christmas movies!  (I have yet to break out the Christmas music.)  Love Actually is my holiday go-to movie, but I've recently been enjoying Elf.  Mainly because it reminds me of a former student who would constantly ask if we could watch this movie in class.  I kept informing him that I'm not allowed to at school, but it is a funny movie!  Definitely his type of humor, which we both enjoyed that year.

Summer Time During Christmas Time

One thing I'm definitely getting used to is the summer heat during Christmas time.  Althought I've grown up in Hawaii and Florida and have never experienced a cold, winter Christmas, this is different.  I was always a little colder in Hawaii (at least breezy) and Florida.  This is the true start of summer here in Australia! 

What has been going on during your week?

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