13 October 2014

Behavior Chart (Freebie)

I have a fish/under the sea theme in my classroom and came across this behavior chart, which I purchased for my class and have been using it for 4 years now.  The positive reinforcement really made a difference in my classroom management.

The Chart

This chart includes 9 pages total, with 7 chart sheets.  The idea is to start all students on "Ready to Learn!" and explained that any page here and above are considered good classroom behavior.  All pages below this are considered inappropriate classroom behavior with consequences.  In the download the pages are in order from highest to lowest.

How it Worked for Me

This was a great tool in my classroom management.  I found that my students responded to positive reinforcement and always want to go the extra step to move up on the chart.  We spent time to discuss what are the expectations for "Ready to Learn!" and what allows the students can move up.  I discuss with them that this is when they are a model student and do something/go above and beyond what is expected.  For example, helping another student without being asked, helping out in the classroom without being told, and so on.  It really did create a helping and positive classroom environment.

I would always give 1 verbal warning to the students if they aren't showing appropriate classroom behavior.  If they don't change their behavior, then they will have to move down the chart.  (The only time I have a student move down without a verbal warning is when they do something they know is inappropriate, harmful, or unsafe.)  

Let me know if you download this and use it in your class!  I'd love to hear how it worked out for you!

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