19 October 2014

I'm Done! Activities

This packet includes activities for students to do independently when they have finished their work early.  There are 6 sheets of activities: 3 sheets for Reading/Lang. Arts activities (1 cover card, 17 activity cards) and 3 sheets for Math activities (1 cover card, 17 activity cards). This packet includes both color cards and black and white. I've also included blank cards for you to create your own.

How I Used I'm Done! Activities

I used to use the typical "read a book" or "take an A.R. test" when my students were done with their work early.  This is still a rule I use when my students are currently working on their A.R. goals.  However, I've had students who had completed their goals and wanted to work on something else.  These were a big hit with my students last year!  Some of my students would even come up with ideas to add to our cards, which is why I made blank cards.

Reading/Lang. Arts Activities

These activities focus on reading skills and expanding their knowledge through writing.  My students really enjoy writing and creating their own stories, then sharing them with their classmates.

Some activities require some materials to have on hand or pre-made: 8-page paper booklet, white boards, paper (lined and blank), Writing Journal, letter tiles, and spelling & vocabulary words of the week.

Math Activities

These focus on various math skills to help practice and build knowledge.  I made this for 3rd grade and focus on a lot of the skills taught at that level.  However, some students would ask how to do a certain card with a skill that wasn't previously taught (either in our class or previous years) and I would recommend not doing those until we taught the skills in class.

Some materials needed for these activities include: number cards (like playing cards), fraction cards, whiteboards, math facts worksheets already printed, various dice, flash cards telling time, rulers or anything to measure length, and geoboards with rubberbands.

Plus, some games you may need to learn about are Top It (link downloads Word Document with directions) with Addition, which can easily be changed to Multiplication, subtraction, and fractions (only pick up 1 card at a time). More Top It games explained at Primary Chalkboard!

What activities do you like to have available
for your students when they finish early?

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