16 October 2014

The Scientific Method - Lab Sheet

After learning about The Scientific Method, you can use this lab sheet as part of your Science Notebook/Lab Work.

Fill out each bubble based on the experiment you are conducting using the labels and questions as guides.  (Your students can write quick notes or 1-2 sentences in each bubble.)

This includes 2 lab sheets:
* Lab Sheet with directions to draw the experiment and write a summary on the back.
* Lab Sheet without picture and summary.

How I Used this in My Classroom

I created this last year and used it throughout the entire school year on every lab and had the students glue this graded work in their Interactive Science Notebooks.  Our school had created a system to have the Science Notebooks carry on from previous years.  This was a great way to document the work the students did all year and practice writing through science.

Our science curriculum had specific lab sheets for each experiment in the workbooks provided, so we worked in groups to complete those. I had the students fill out this Scientific Method Lab Sheet individually.  We mainly spent whole group discussing what we wanted to test, our predictions, and what was the variable we were changing.

After they completed the experiment and their group's workbook sheet, they would spend about 5-7 minutes completing the Scientific Method Lab Sheet.  I would have them fold the sheet in half (horizontally) and glue down one blank side.  They would draw a picture on the back, usually their favorite part of the experiment.  Then they would write a paragraph introducing the experiment, describing each step they did, and explaining their conclusions.

It was a great way to show their work and understanding.  My students soon easily understood each step of the Scientific Method.

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