29 October 2014

Rounding Up to the Millions Place Value

Rounding Up to the Millions Place Value packet is up on my TPT store! While teaching 3rd grade (8-9 year olds), we would always start our math curriculum with estimating and place value.  It's a skill I know they learned in the previous grade and they know how to apply the skills.  However, for some reason they always struggle with it!  (Nearly every student it seems.)  As the year would proceed and we would move on to the new chapters, we would move pass this skill.  Once we revisit this skill a while later, they have a better grasp of it and didn't understand why they thought it was so difficult.

This packet includes:
* 2 different cover pages for your mini book
* 30 pages of practice from 10s to 1,000,000s, 2 examples on each page (60 total)
* 7 blank sheets to create your own practice numbers (rom 10s to 1,000,000s)

You can either copy and staple as a packet, or cut the sheets in half and create a mini practice book!

Best for grades 1st - 4th!  You can customize your packet to meet the needs of your students, especially for struggling students and those who would like enrichment practice.

Rounding & Place Value Daily Practice

Last year, I decided to do a daily number to practice rounding to each place value, naming all the place values, reviewing some vocabulary, and so on.  I found regular practice made my students more comfortable and confident in rounding.

My students enjoyed this that they even wanted to try numbers up to trillion place value!  They really enjoyed trying to say these obnoxiously large numbers.

What have you done to improve your students' skills in rounding & place value?

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