25 October 2014

Word of the Day

Word of the Day was something I tried for the first time last year with my 3rd graders (8-9 year olds).  Our new curriculum had a book of challenging words to accompany enrichment reading.  I found these words were great for my class overall since I had majority of high learners.  

Using with Writing Journals

We used mini sheets and the students filled out the information I provided on the front board (word, parts of speech, definition, and my sentence example).  Then the student would write their own sentence using a form of the word and try to think of a synonym, antonym, and the word using a prefix or suffix.  After completing this, the students would glue the sheets in their writing journals and work on grammar sentences.

We did a lot of modeling and discussing of each parts at the beginning of the year.  We would discuss that the students were to copy the word, part of speech, and definition, but were not allowed to use my sentence.  A lot of my students would get stuck on writing sentences, so I gave my example but would discuss that they can only use it as a guide to create their own

With synonyms, antonyms, and prefixes/suffixes, we discussed that not all words would have these and you may not be able to fill out all parts.  After our morning announcements, I would review the word with them and let a few students share their examples, and fill out the remaining as a class.  I also allowed time to complete the sheet after discussion to fill out the final boxes and finish up their own sentences.  

Why It Helped

My students may not have been able to memorize all or some these words, and that wasn't the goal.  I did notice that my struggling students were able to read stories and come up with similar definitions just from how the story used them and could identify parts of speech, synonyms, and antonyms.

We would read in whole group and small groups, and all my students would came across words with prefixes and/or suffixes and were able to point them out on their own.  When I would ask them to evaluate the word, they could tell me the base word, its definition using the prefix/suffix, the definitions of the base word and prefix/suffix separately.

Want More?

I'm working on building on this packet.  This is currently a free download at my TPT store, but I hope to add another packet with these sheets and a listing of 4 sets of 45 words.  This way the words and information are provided for you.  Keep a look out for that in the future!

Have you used something similar to Word of the Day?
Share your thoughts!

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